About Us

The story of To Be Well LLC is the literal story of a family’s journey to be well.  It is the story of Jason and Yuri Morton, co-owners of To Be Well LLC.  Looking at them now, it may be hard for you to believe that they have both struggled with weight for most of their lives.

Jason grew up watching family and friends struggle with Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Strokes, and Cancer. At 25, he himself weighed 245 pounds and was diagnosed with Hypertension.  He recalls one of his blood pressure readings being 188/124 and being asked by a doctor if he felt ok because he was in danger of having a stroke.  He was so unhealthy and felt so bad so often that feeling bad felt normal. 

Growing up, Yuri was always “the chunky one.”  She did not grow out of that weight and developed high blood pressure and migraines, as she aged.  The higher risk of stroke that women naturally carry, combined with her weight and lifestyle, brought her to the doorstep of realizing that risk as she had to overcome a small blood clot and vertebral dissection (VAD), which is a torn artery in the neck.

For Jason, that 188/124 blood pressure and exchange with the concerned doctor was the moment that he decided that he did not want to feel bad, any longer.  For Yuri, her near-death experience was her turning point.  They were both placed on medications, including blood pressure medications and blood thinners.  They both heard and considered the recommendations to change their diets.  They both started to turn around and take baby steps to retrace the baby steps that they had taken into their unhealthy lifestyles, baby steps that included food addiction, an addiction that is too often ignored in society and is one of the most destructive.

The realization of how unhealthy they had become, and drawing parallels between their respective conditions and the struggles of so many who were close to them, scared them and triggered something within them both.  They wanted to not just live but to be well!  They immediately made lifestyle changes.  Jason began working out six days, weekly, overhauled his diet, lost 60 pounds in six months, and was able to throw away the medications. Yuri considered a meatless diet, decided to research supplements, herbs, and natural healing to help her journey to wellness. Yuri quickly learned through her research that it was hard to find products that had certain combinations of vitamins, supplements and or herbs that she felt her body needed. This sparked and fueled her interest in developing her own products.  Jason had also come to this conclusion and together they embarked on a new journey to wellness, which included better diets, exercise, and creating and using natural supplements that excluded all of the unnecessary, unhealthy fillers that you find in most vitamin and nutrition products.

The road to wellness is different for everyone and short for no one, as you can see from Jason and Yuri’s journeys.  It actually never ends.  Motivations even vary.  However, everyone should have the same goal, to be well.  Jason and Yuri started this company, To Be Well LLC, to give people the help that they could have used at the beginning of their respective journeys.  They want to offer help that understands that most of us were not born with the best genetics, the best relationship with food, and many people miss out on nutrients that our bodies desperately need. They want to create supplements that help people on their personal journeys to be well.  To Be Well LLC is a company that understands that it takes more than exercise and eating right to be well, and the company works to fill the gaps with affordable, natural, and effective products that pick up where exercise and diet leave off.  Their goal is to help others, as they continue to help themselves.

We only live once, but as a member of the To Be Well LLC community we can live better together.